Ticket arrangement

Ticket arrangement

Daily (– December 27, 2024)
Depends on ticket
No. of participants: Starting from 1 person

Price Includes

  • Ticket fee
  • Ticket arrangement fee
  • Ticket delivery fee (inside Japan)

Price Excluded

  • Tour guide fee
  • Transportation fee


  • Kabuki
    Specific date in every month.  2 times in a day at Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto
  • Sumo Wrestling
    Jan & May & Sep: Tokyo
    Mar: Osaka
    Jul: Nagoya
    Nov: Fukuoka
  • Baseball
    Mar - Oct: Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Koshien(near Osaka), Fukuoka 
  • Takarazuka Women's Show
    Specific date in every month at Tokyo & Osaka
  • Others
    Please ask us for date and details