Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass

Shinkansen bullet train
Any date
Price: From USD 267/person + delivery charge
No. of participants: Starting from 1 person

Price Includes

There are two types of JAPAN RAIL PASS: Green (for superior-class Green cars), and Ordinary. Each of these types is available as a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day PASS.See "JAPAN RAIL PASS validity", for services that can be used with a JAPAN RAIL PASS.

*Type: Ordinary Pass

7 days USD 301/person USD 151/person
14 days USD 480/person USD 240/person
21 days USD 614/person USD 307/person

*Type: Green(Superior class) Pass

7 days USD 402/person USD 201/person
14 days USD 651/person USD 326/person
21 days USD 847/person USD 424/person

*All prices are subject to change without notice.


*Useful Information

1. JAPAN RAIL PASS validity
2. How to turn in an exchange order to receive a JAPAN RAIL PASS
3. How to make seat reservations
4. Notes regarding use
5. Stations with JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange offices
6. Helpful Information for JR travel

Price Excluded



*Before departure your country
Once you purchase this rail pass from us, we will send you an exchange order voucher to your favorable address.

*After arriving Japan
After you arrive in Japan, you turn in the Exchange Order to receive your JAPAN RAIL PASS at an applicable JR station that has a JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange office.