Japanese sake & whisky tour

Japanese sake & whisky tour

Asakusa - Tokyo
Daily (- Dec 23, 2023)
Please ask for July & August 2022
From USD 4,400/person (4-8 persons)
From USD 5,200/person(2 persons)
*The above price is per person basis, and based on 2 persons sharing one room
No. of participants: Starting from 2 persons

Price Includes

    1. Accommodations
      Day 1 Tokyo Keio Plaza Hotel
      Day 2 Tokyo Keio Plaza Hotel
      Day 3 Tokyo Keio Plaza Hotel
      Day 4 Sendai The Westin Hotel Sendai
      Day 5 Sendai The Westin Hotel Sendai
      Day 6 Aizu Wakamatsu Harataki
      Day 7 Aizu Wakamatsu Harataki
      Day 8 Tokyo Keio Plaza Hotel
      Day 9 Tokyo Keio Plaza Hotel
      Day 10   Back to your home

      *In case the above hotel is fully booked, same level hotel in each category will be provided.

    2. Private Tours with gay or gay friendly tour guide
      Gay bar night tour on Day 2 (Visit Japanese sake bar and Whisky bar)
      Private tour on Day 2,4,5
    3. Transportations
      JR Pass ordinary 7 days ticket
    4. Meals
      Day 1      
      Day 2 ✔️ ✔️  
      Day 3 ✔️    
      Day 4 ✔️   ✔️
      Day 5 ✔️ ✔️  
      Day 6 ✔️   ✔️
      Day 7 ✔️   ✔️
      Day 8 ✔️    
      Day 9 ✔️    
      Day 10 ✔️    
    5. Others
      Please advise us if you have any allergy for foods
      Welcome kit from Out Asia Travel will be given at hotel in Tokyo
      Baggage transfer 1 piece/person on Day 6
    6. Price (Details)
       No. of persons2 persons4-8 persons
      Price USD 4,200 USD 3,400
      • *The above price is per person basis, and based on 2 persons sharing one room.
    7. Single Supplement
      Please ask for price

Price Excluded

Travel Insurance
Transportations not listed on the above
Meals not listed on the above
Personal expenses(such as laundry, souvenir, etc..)


  • Arrive in Tokyo. Transfer from airport to hotel on your own. After check in please take a rest or enjoy exploring near your hotel.
  • We begin the day by visiting the Imperial Palace East Gardens, which are a part of the inner place area and are open to the public.  In the Japanese constitutional monarchy, the emperor does not have any political power, however the emperor is the symbol of the State, of the unity of the people, and undertakes official and public duties.  After stopping by the emperor’s family residence we move on to Asakusa area, which is famous for the Senso-ji, a Buddhist temple, and Nakamise shopping street arcade.  While NEW Tokyo is known to be the most populated and high tech advanced metropolitan city, you can see the OLD Tokyo in the Asakusa area. We will have lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will transfer to Shibuya Crossing, what is known-to-be the busiest intersection in the world.  It is like a giant beating heart, sending people in all directions.  At peak times there is said to be over 1000 people who cross at a time, coming from all directions at once yet still managing to dodge each other with a practiced, nonchalant agility.  Then, we will visit the extreme calm and serene Meiji Jingu Shrine where there are 700,000 square meters of forest existing in the heart of Tokyo, bristling with skyscrapers. You will experience extreme contrast of "OLD & NEW "and "MODERN & TRADITIONAL" as they co-exist in Tokyo.

    At Night, our Gay English speaking assistant will show you the biggest gay district called “Shinjuku Nichome”.  There are more than 300 gay bars in this area, and our assistant will take you to Japanese sake gay bar or Whiskey gay bar.
  • Discover your Tokyo where you can find anything from tasty street foods to elegant gourmet foods, from high fashion at Ginza to popular teens fashion at Takeshita street, as well as countless of cultural sites.
  • After check out, we proceed to JR train station and look for Midori no Madoguchi where you can activate JR Pass. It takes 1.5 hours train ride by Shinkansen bullet train to Sendai – a largest city in the Tohoku Region and 15th largest city in Japan. Meet our tour guide at Sendai station, then drive to Nikka Whiskey Miyagikyo Distillery. Founded in 1934 by Suntory's first master distiller, Nikka has risen to become Japan's second largest distiller, producing a wide range of single malts as well as their impressive blended whisky range. Please enjoy the distillery tour and whisky tasting. Back to Sedai city and visit Aoba Castle (Aobajō) which was built in 1600 by the powerful feudal lord Date Masamune. Because of considerations for the castle's defense, Masamune chose to locate his fortifications on Mount Aoba, 100 meters above the town below.

    Evening: Check in hotel and relax. (We can introduce gay bars in Sendai city upon your request. Please contact your travel agent for details.)
  • Today, our tour guide will take you to Matsushima, located half an hour outside of Sendai. Matsushima is famous for its bay, which is dotted by many pine clad islets and has been ranked one of Japan’s three most scenic views for centuries. The small town is also known for Zuiganji, one of the Tohoku Region’s most important Zen temples. Enjoy a boat ride, Tea experience overlooking beautiful and calm Matsushima bay. After Matsushima, we will move to Shiogama – a port town in Miyagi prefecture located between Sendai and Matsushima. The city supports a large fishing industry, and a significant portion of Japan's tuna and swordfish is processed along Shiogama's waterfronts. Its vibrant fish markets, such as the publicly accessible Shiogama Fish Market, supplying fresh seafood to nearby Sendai, Tokyo and elsewhere. Not surprisingly, Shiogama is famous for its local seafood, especially its Sushi. For lunch, yes, we will choose a nice Sushi restaurant. After finishing lunch, we will visit Japanese Sake brewery for sake tasting and learn more about Japanese sake.

    Evening: Back to hotel and relax
  • After checking out, we send your large luggage to your hotel in Tokyo, because you will have an adventure to ride several local trains from Sendai to Aizu Wakamatsu by yourself. Hotel staff will assist you for luggage transfer. After riding approximately 2.5 hours local train ride, you will arrive at Aizu Wakatsu – a castle town in the interior of Fukushima Prefecture which is known for its award-winning sake and its samurai tradition. Towards the end of Japan’s feudal era, the Aizu clan remained loyal to the shogun even after the feudal leader was removed from power in the Meiji Restoration. As a result, the town became a battle ground of the Boshin War in 1868.

    Evening: Check in Japanese style ryokan, enjoy elegant Japanese course dinner and hot springs
  • There are many Sake breweries in this town. Please visit them and enjoy the difference of local sake taste. You can also visit Tsuruga castle which is one of the most highly recommended sightseeing spots in this area.
  • After checking out, take a train to Kitakata - an area centered on Kitakata city in Aizu district of Fukushima Prefecture. The specialty of this region is a type of ramen made with crimped flat noodles. Please enjoy a local flavor tasty ramen noodle for lunch before going back to Tokyo. Take a local train and Shinkansen bullet train to Tokyo.

    Check into the hotel, receive your luggage and relax.
  • This is the last day in Japan. Please enjoy your last day as you like. Shopping, day trip to neighborhood cities such as Kamakura using Japan Rail pass. We are pleased to suggest nice restaurants serving tasty Japanese sake or Whisky.
  • Transfer from hotel to airport, or extend stay in Tokyo or other city.