イベント概要 2015年3月14日


Date Time Itinerary
Mar 11
Morning~Afternoon Please come to hotel with your favorable time by yourself. (There are paid bus from Koriyama station and Inawashiro station. Hotel check in time is after 15:00)
13:30~14:30 Costume Play event at Grandeco Snow Resort. (Prizes for winners)
14:46 Offer a silent prayer to victim at The Great East Japan earthquake
15:00~18:00 Take a hot springs, change a wear for party
18:00~21:00 Night club event by GoGoBoy and Drag Queen & dinner at Grandeco Snow Resort restaurant
21:00~22:00 Pool Party
22:00~24:00 Enjoy hot springs after pool party(Please enjoy at each hotel. You may meet GoGoBoy at hot springs!)

Event price (Gay Mix)

JPY 3,000/person (Night event only) – Pool party is for tour package customers

※The above price is inclusive of followings;

  1. Buffet Dinner
  2. 1 alcohol drink included. (Soft drinks: as much as you can drink)

Introduction of DJ, perfomers


toHru (Fukushima)

DJ & Mixer from Fukushima! He is famous for creating J-POP REMIX, and play at gay night event at Sendai & Fukushima. He is more than happy to play music for Fukushima, his hometown!

Very experienced DJ not only playing as a regular DJ at 「asaGAYa Night」「Disco! Disco! Disco!」「Morokan Chikubi night 」, also playing many night events before. He will play mainly VOCAL HOUSE, and it is a must to listen/dance!

Drag Queen


Gyuqo has performed DQ since early 2000. Supremely love alcohol & human, and she has beauty & a sense of humor. Performs at many occasions such as 5 star hotel, ski resorts, camp, MCs at show, appears on musician’s live & PV. She also contributes to Pride events in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Representative night club event is 「Glamorous Party」@fame Omotesando,「Saloon Gyuqoya」@ALAMAS Café in Shinjuku Nichome
Pink Grapefruit Pink Grapefruit

Drag Queen who join Grandeco Rainbow event first time
Prometheus Maetel Prometheus Maetel

Drag Queen who join Grandeco Rainbow event first time



He has been a GOGO boy since 2012, and performs at domestic and international night club events,
also appears on artist’s PV and live, underwear shows. He is honored to come back to this
event again in 2016, and look forward to seeing all of you soon!
– SHU –

GOGO who join Grandeco Rainbow event first time


※Please do not drive if you drink alcohol
※Pool Party is exclusive for staying customers.