Customized Tour

We are very flexible. According to your needs, we are able to create your own customized tour from scratch. Please ask anything what you want to do in Singapore. Also, we are able to create itinerary for combination with other country.(For example, Singapore + Taipei, etc…)


In order to create suitable itinerary, please advise us the followings;

  1. Month (if you do not decide this yet, please advise us the season at least)
  2. Date of length
  3. No. of participants
  4. Your interest (Nature, hot springs, culture, shopping, night life, etc…)
  5. Your favorable hotel (3-5 stars, western style, etc…)
  6. Combination with other country/city (if any)

In case of customized tour, we reserve all hotels/tours/ticket and offer you a package price. This price is inclusive of consultation fee, itinerary creation fee, and ticket delivery fee, etc…