Optional Tour (Tokyo)

Ticket arrangement

We are able to arrange any kind of tickets in Japan!  Classical Japanese dance - Kabuki, Traditional sports - Sumo wrestling, Popular Japanese singer/artist's concert, etc...  Feel/Touch the local attractions!

Kabuki Kabuki Sumo Wrestling Sumo Wrestling Judo Judo Baseball Baseball Figure Skating Figure Skating Rakugo Rakugo Ayumi Hamasaki Ayumi Hamasaki Kiyoshi Hikawa Kiyoshi Hikawa Morning Musume Morning Musume Takarazuka Women's Show Takarazuka Women's Show

Daily (– December 29, 2021)


Depend on ticket

No. of Participants

Starting from 1 person


  • Kabuki
    Specific date in every month.  2 times in a day at Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto
  • Sumo Wrestling
    Jan & May & Sep: Tokyo
    Mar: Osaka
    Jul: Nagoya
    Nov: Fukuoka
  • Baseball
    Mar - Oct: Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Koshien(near Osaka), Fukuoka 
  • Takarazuka Women's Show
    Specific date in every month at Tokyo & Osaka
  • Others
    Please ask us for date and details

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Ticket arrangement fee
Ticket delivery fee (inside Japan)

Tour Package Excluded

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Transportation fee

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